VAcrn_RPi - Virtual Acorn 'File Type' Terminator Translator/Converter.

February, 2015

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2015 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !VAcrn_RPi

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The !VAcrn_RPi Application is a Free Virtual Acorn 'File Type' to RISC OS File Type Translator/Converter suitable for the Acorn RISC OS, and 'Raspberry Pi' environments.

After having downloaded and unzipped the !VAcrn_RPi Application, extract the application to a suitable directory on your hard disc. Double click on the !VAcrn_RPi file icon to load the application onto the Icon Bar.

Left-clicking on the Bar Icon, brings up a 'Set Up' Panel. Clicking the middle 'Menu' button over the Bar Icon, gives a Menu, giving Options, including a 'Help' Window.

Supply a (typed, or 'dragged') Directory ('Folder') Path Name to the 'Input' slot on the 'Set Up' Panel.

Next, Click on the 'Run' button, and VAcrn_RPi runs recursively through the entire directory sub-structure of the supplied directory, including inside supplied applications, stripping off the Virtual Acorn 'File Type' Terminators, and correctly setting the RISC OS File Type of each found file.

'Complains', if you do not supply a correct Directory Path Name e.g. a File Name.

Upon completion, a Report File, on the work done, prefixed by 'R', is offered for saving. Equally well, by selecting the 'Verbose' Option, from the 'SetUp' Panel, messages are output, as the Work is being done.

NB 1. KNOWN BUG. Sometimes an entire Sub-Directory ('Folder'), can be 'skipped', and not translated. Sorry about that one!

Version 2.00, now performs a COMPLETE traverse of the directory ('folder') and application tree structure. This required some considerable experimentation with the SWI 'OS_GBPB'.

NB 2. Because of the number of un'free'd character strings that develop, it is sometimes needed to increase the allocated size of your 'Heap'.

Read the '!ReadMe' file present in the zipped file for more information on the copyright, and usage, of this software.

Select 'Help', from the !VAcrn_RPi bar icon menu, or Select 'Help', or 'Description', from the 'SetUp' Panel, and Click 'Run', from for more information.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped !VAcrn_RPi & !ReadMe, (which gives the conditions of use of this software). Version 2.00a, Dated February 19th 2015.

NB1. The IBM file type is given as '.zipped', change that to '.zip', and change the Acorn File Type to 'Archive' in order to zip decompress the downloaded zipped file.

NB2. It came to attention, on SD cards, the ADFS command 'Rename', when issued, took some time. The extra 'delay' supplied, is to stop the application from 'falling over itself', and continuing to search the directory structure, before the operation had time to complete.

This document was generated on 19th February 2015 for this Acorn RISC OS Software Application written and distributed by Martin Carradus